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(BBW) has been in the business of designing & building 
quality functional websites, on a subscription basis, for
the past several years, serving many clients, nationwide

Our portfolio includes a variety of businesses, 
non-profits, churches, blogs & personal sites.
our "Products" page shows only a few examples

We are honored to feature one 
local communities' historical society,
including Historic Ashland NE & surrounding area; 
this includes  www.AshlandHistoricalSociety.org
as well as the historic St. Stephens (Episcopal) church

The biggest myth about creating an effective website &
'web presence' is that 'it has to be expensive to be good,  
to reach your audience'; NOTHING is farther from the truth!

Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, 
integrity to the entire process and overall 
value are why our customers keep returning

Our subscription services include providing domain / URL names, 
hosting, timely editing, SEO services, videos, photo libraries, blogs 
& so much more, all within an affordable subscription format

"owning" a website may not be your best option ;
(BBW) subscription services, described above, may be included,
saving you content-edit-time, installation of new features, etc.

Our professional consultants will help you decide
the many options that serve your needs best

We deliver ON TIME and ON BUDGET

Our goals are to assist you in planning, 
designing and 'publishing', to the WWW
relevant and important information,
making the public aware of your 
business or non-profit group, 
bring people to your business
& motivate them to want to learn more

If your business, wishes e-commerce;
whether it be ordering & paying you for their purchases 'on-line'  . . .
OR if you wish them to donate to your non-profit on-line
we are here to provide the tools you need for SUCCESS

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Welcome to buildingBESTwebsites.com

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Building Best Websites can help your business, non-profit, etc. generating new business, new clients, new donors . . .

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