"The Ashland Historical Society - also known as the Saline Ford Historical Preservation Society 
- has published a quarterly newsletter for several yrs. - preparing & editing it numerous times . . , 
printing & mailing it to the membership list, always wishing that we could reach a larger audience 
of people interested in our community's rich history.

The concept of a website was thought about, however it was always on the 'back-burner' because of costs, etc. We were able to 'launch' our web site in February of 2010. We have been amazed at the number of notes received through our Contact Us page. Their messages have come from . . literally all over the world! 

A young serviceman, serving our country in Iraq - a native of Ashland writes that he is so pleased to be able to learn more of the history of his hometown, and to be able to show his fellow soldiers where his home town actually is!

We have also received notes of inquiry from heirs of ancestors from the area concerning their families, 
historic memories of their youth or the verification of stories their parents, grandparents, etc. 
have told them and request for information about landmarks in the Ashland Area."
We are very grateful for our 'window to the world!"

2012 update:
We added a Facebook page, linked to our website, adding even more regular visits & inquiries.
Our website & Facebook pages have enabled us to increase our visibility & interest in Ashland's
history and its preservation. We are moving forward with plans to have a permanent museum !

The City & the Library Commission are working with the AHS to provide the soon-to-be former
Ashland (Carnegie) Library building, erected in 1911 & registered on the NHS registry, to be
rennovated to become the AHS permanent museum.

We have recently opened temporary offices in downtown Ashland at 1438 Silver Street.
We have an Open House each Thursday afternoon from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.
We will continue operation of these offices until the library building is available

The AHS is accepting donations of items, pictures & 'histories' of families & businesses
in the building of our ongoing library of the history of Ashland Nebraska.

The AHS accepts monetary & 'in-kind' donations via the Ashland Area Foundation (AAF).
The AAF is a 501 (C)3 entity, which makes many donations tax deductible.
The (AAF) offices are located at 1442 Silver Street, Ashland NE 68003.

We are very thankful for the message that our website & Facebook pages have provided.
The enthusiastic response to our efforts certainly may be attributed to these wonderful tools.

2013 UPDATE:

We have 'teamed up' with the Ashland Chamber of Commerce - "Historic Ashland" to promote
Historic US 6 highway with signage, tourism & economic development along the original route
of the OLD  Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Transcontinental Route . . circa 1911. More information is
available on our "ROUTE 6 - Historic Route 6" page of our website.

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